Lifejoy - Slogan
 Deutsche Sprache (Coaching in deutsch & englisch)

I am there to support Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Executives
where you are challenged or overwhelmed.

You know that each stress has impact on all areas of your life!
*Coaching helps you master your situation, feel and act empowered 
*Acknowledge how to balance acceleration and deceleration and improve your compassionate communication skills.
So you can enjoy creating remarkable changes, and achieve 
the lasting results in business & private life that you are looking for. 

With Intuitive Personal Identity Coaching
you can handle everything, and I am assisting you 

1) Clarify your vision and direction
2) Define compassionate strategic action
3) Upgrade your communication and action skills
4) Optimize your environment
5) Master your psychology and receive a return call to request your coaching.
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and claim your seat now for your free 1st introductory.
"Session for change, to gain clarity about your main challenge today, and define the transformation strategy to achieve your goal"

During this 1st introductory session you have an impressive first experience 
about the great potential of 
Lifejoy IPI Coaching®

You leave the intro-session
* renewed  
* reenergized  
* inspired

Warm regards,

Angela Lifejoy Tischmeyer

Coaching is the most powerful tool on earth to gain tremendous success and lasting wonderful change in your life.